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My Writing

I took part in the writing of the musical DATE.COM, I write and compose standalone musical theatre songs in various styles and genres. 

I wrote, composed, directed and produced several shows under the umbrella of The JEWish Cabaret- a theatre group I co-founded with my writing partner David Djemal. The JEWish Cabaret is an egalitarian theatre collaborative dedicated to challenging the perceptions of the general public on what it means to be Jewish, by creating innovative theatrical productions inspired by our dialogue with our Jewish Identity.


The Group's Musical 'Café Named Desire' has been invited to tour in Israel after a successful production in London.  More about The JEWish cabaret:

In Hebrew I am also a published poet, currently collaborating as a lyricist on a new musical theatre song cycle "Sonia". More about my Hebrew writing Here.

Poetry in Motion - Dewdrops

This is the first Short to be released from the ‘Poetry in Motion’ project and we are thrilled to share it with you.


Directed & Filmed by Omri Dagan

Written & Performed by Shachar (Shar) Shamai

Translated from Hebrew with the help of Dafna Ruppin

Edited & Coloured by Omri Dagan

Music: Rame by Boreis

The Secret Ingredient

From the new Musical 'Sonia'

Lyrics - Shachar Shamai

Music - Guy Frati

Performed by - Thomasin Lockwood

Piano - David Gray

Angela's Pen

A new cabaret song!

Written by - Shachar Shamai

Arranged by - Anna Senger

Performed by - Monika Lopuszynska & Alexandra Placzek


A stand-alone musical theatre ballad

I'M GONNA HAVE A BABY (Standalone Comedy Song)

A stand-alone musical theatre comedy song

Music & Lyrics - Shar Shamai

Sung by Howie Michaels


Written for the musical DATE.COM (Waterloo East theatre)

Sung by Shar Shamai

Piano - Guy Frati

I'm Falling (From - 'Café Named Desire')

Written by Shar Shamai & David Djemal

for the musical Café Named Desire 

Sung by Jack Reitman & Martha Pothen

I Guess It's OK

Written by Shar Shamai & David Djemal

for the musical Café Named Desire 

Sung by Martha Pothen & Company

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