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Shar Shamai

Vocal Coach  |  Musical Theatre Creative

Shar has been exploring artistic ways to communicate stories his whole life.


After graduating with an MA in Classical Singing at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance, he went on to study for his MA in Musical Theatre at Guildford School of Acting. Since then Shar has worked internationally as a vocal coach as well as a director.

When he is not teaching you will probably find him writing, composing or working on one of his many projects. 


Composer, Lyricist, and Poet.

Shar took part in the writing of the musical DATE.COM, he writes and composes musical theatre songs in various styles and genres. 

In Hebrew shar is also a published poet, and he is currently collaborating as a lyricist on a new musical theatre song cycle "Sonia".


Shar co-founded the JEWish cabaret in 2016 together with David Djemal.

Shar wrote, composed, directed and produced several shows under the umbrella of The JEWish Cabaret, an egalitarian theatre collaborative dedicated to challenging the perceptions of the general public on what it means to be Jewish, by creating innovative theatrical productions inspired by our dialogue with our Jewish Identity.

The Group's Musical 'Café Named Desire' has been invited to tour in Israel after a successful production in London. 

Angela's Pen

A new cabaret song!

Written by - Shachar Shamai

Arranged by - Anna Senger

Performed by - Monika Lopuszynska & Alexandra Placzek


A stand-alone musical theatre ballad


A stand-alone musical theatre comedy song


Written for the musical DATE.COM (Waterloo East theatre)



"It is clear that Djemal and Shamai understand the ingredients of a successful musical."

Sepy Baghaei - London Pub Theatres Review

2018-11-21 08.49.03-1.jpg

"Risky subject matter is niether new or scary for Shamai, who has been writing such songs as "Everybody Love a Dick Pic", "Eight Gay Jews in London"..."

Jennifer Greenberg - Jerusalem Post

Vocal Coaching

As a teacher Shar focuses on finding an ideal posture for singing, engaging body parts that are not creating restrictions on the throat and working with the whole body to find grounding and vocal freedom.

Since graduation GSA Shar's been teaching at PPA, ICMT, Urdang academy and other pre-academy schools such as TheatreTrain, Love Theatre Arts and was invited to teach and lecture in Israel, The Netherland and Italy. Meeting different kinds of students with different types of strengths and weaknesses and familiarizing himself with vast amount of repertoire.

Shar teaches singing technique in group sessions for musical theatre students as well actors with much less experience in singing. He teaches private singing students from first year to graduating – preparing them for auditions and improving their technique.



Anna Oggero - singer, actress, dancer 

“Shar made me improve as a singer as never before. His knowledge and experience make him a wonderful teacher.

He is passionate about theatre, and has so many talents that really make him a well rounded theatre professional.”


Ashley Racov - Actress, singer, producer

I have had over 25 years of vocal training and for a long time I felt that there were many doors that I could not open vocally. In the 3 years that I have been trained by Shar, I have managed to achieve what I thought I was incapable of and more! Not only that, but his lessons are fun and encouraging and full of knowledge that inspires you to keep working. I am so thankful that he is now my teacher! 


Café Named Desire - Demo Album