Shar Shamai is a singing teacher and Musical Theatre creative.
He completed his second MA degree in music - MA Musical Theatre, at The Guildford School of Acting (GSA) after graduating with an MA in Classical Singing at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance and he is fascinated by the human voice.
Shar teaches at several musical theatre academies including ICMT (London) Urdang academy (London) and PPA (Guildford) and is regularly invited to teach in Israel, Italy and The Netherlands as well as locally.
Shar constantly keeps learning and understanding of the fascinating field that is the human voice.
Glasses and Music Sheet

Writing / Composing

As a Writer & Composer Shar co-founded The JEWish Cabaret for which he keeps creating.
"The JEWish Cabaret" - an egalitarian theatre collaborative dedicated to challenging the perceptions of the general public on what it means to be Jewish, by creating innovative theatrical productions inspired by our dialogue with our Jewish Identity.
We wish to enjoy the Jewish tradition while dabbling in light blasphemy.

“Café Named Desire” is an original new musical about love, sexuality, and self discovery. This demo album, recorded in October 2018, captures the musical as it was first performed in July 2018, under the name “Jew You Love Me?”. A new iteration of the musical is currently under development.



"With 11 years of teaching experience, both in Israel and in the UK, I’ve learned a great deal about different approaches to teaching, both in terms of singing methods and techniques, as well as the more practical and psychological approaches.
By familiarizing myself with a variety of pedagogical and methodological environments I have become a well-rounded teacher, helping my students to become the best singers and performers they can be.
When I first came to the UK to train at Guildford School of Acting nearly four years ago, I was inspired to start reading and learning about the vocal anatomy, a field I didn’t know a lot about at the time. I participated in workshops and courses led by highly respected singing teachers such as Mary King, Mary Hammond, Anne-Marie Speed, Jeanie Lovetri, Michael Hill, Greg Enriquez and others to enrich my knowledge and to catch up with the latest discoveries of the field.
Though I was amazed but the amount of information that is available to us as singers and singing teachers nowadays, it was clear to me that my time in Israel focusing on classical singing has also given me many tools and insights that were very formative in establishing who I am as a performer, musician and teacher today."

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